Licensed Termite Technicians in Corpus Christi and Alice, TX


Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year in the United States alone. Termite detection can be very difficult and may be unseen for years, causing extensive damage. BugPro Inc. has been protecting structures from termites for over 30 years. A thorough inspection and identification is imperative for proper control and to establish an appropriate treatment plan. Our experienced, licensed termite technicians are highly trained in termite biology and behavior as well as in innovative treatment methods.

Termite treatments are only as good as the product applied. Our product of choice for subterranean termite control is Termidor. This product is a non-repellent termiticide/insecticide that is undetectable to termites and is the #1 subterranean termite defense product on the market.
Termites — Termite Treatment in Corpus Christi, TX
Termite damage rotten wood — Termite Treatment in Corpus Christi, TX
Traces of termites on old wood — Termite Treatment in Corpus Christi, TX

Treatment Options:

  • Conventional Liquid Chemical Application
  • Tent Fumigation
  • Non-Fumigation Methods
  • Baiting
  • Pre-Construction Treatment
  • Post-Construction Treatment
  • Spot Treatments
  • Monitoring Services